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Łucja Chyrzyńska

World Classical Music Awards 2022 S2 Grand Prize Winner

Polish flutist born in 1998. In 2020 she received a bachelor degree in the flute class of Prof. Wiesław Suruło at the Krakow Academy of Music in Cracow. Currently she continues studies at the same Academy. As a soloist, she has won numerous awards and distinctions at national and international competitions, including: Grand Prize at World Classical Music Awards (UK); First Prize at the Las Conchillas International Music Competition (Chile); First Prize at the 4th International Music Competition Citta di Sarzana (Italy); First Prize at VIl Odin International Music Online Competition (Estonia); First Prize at IMKA International Internet Music and Dance Competition (Bosnia); First Prize at the12th World Open Online Music Competition (Serbia); First Prize and the scholarship at the IX Stockholm International Music Competition (Sweden); Second Prize at the International Music Competition OPUS 2021 (Poland); Second Prize at 3. Danubia Talents Liszt International Music Competition (Hungary); Silver Award at Pamus Flow Global Music Competition; Silver Award at the International Wind Instruments Competition in Bialystok (Poland); Third Prize at 2nd World Flute E-Competition Napolinova (Italy); Excellence Award at The Sound Of Music ORADEA International Competition 8th edition (Romania). As an orchestral musician, she took part in many polish and international projects. In years 2014-2017, she played in Krakow Film Music Festival Youth Orchestra. Apart from classical repertoire, she shows a great interest in performing contemporary music. She took part in many world premieres - as a soloist, in ensemble and as an orchestra member. She performed during 27. and 30. International Festival of Krakow Composers, 61. International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn and New Music Concerts organised by the Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music. She was granted a Rector's scholarship for the best students (2018, 2021). In 2019, she was an Erasmus+ program participant, developing her skills in Sibelius Academy of Music in Finland, as a student of Prof. Mikael Helasvuo. In 2022 she was the jury member of student committee during 1st International Instrumental Miniature Competition for Wind Instruments held in Katowice, Poland. She perfected the art of playing flute during master classes and music conferences under the guidance of outstanding flutists, such as: A. Garzuly, W. Hasse, G. McLearnon, E. Wolenska, J. Dömötör, H. Bledsoe, H. Kinnunen, B. Światek- Żelazna, E. Murawska, A. Igras, U. Janik, P. Tabalione, D. Gavrić, N. Inácio.

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